The GIRL EFFECT.....Educate a girl and you change a village!

The world will change when girls and women are educated. They create a ripple effect. They graduate and start businesses. They create social change. They educate their children. Poverty levels decrease. Communities and villages change! 

When I was 14 years old, I started singing in front of my local movie theater with my guitar, an empty jar, and my "Girl Effect" sign propped against my guitar case. I wanted to sponsor a girl to attend  the Rwamagana Leader's School in eastern Rwanda. It's a secondary school whose mission is to create future leaders in environmental sustainability and social change. 

Thanks to my generous community, I have continued to sponsor the same girl throughout her high school education. Please contact to find out how for $160 a month/$1,920 a year you too can help change the life of a girl.